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Starburst Galaxies

Starburst Galaxies The universe is filled with galaxies, which are themselves filled with stars. At some point in its life, each galaxy bristled with star formation in vast clouds of hydrogen gas. Even today, some galaxies seem to have more than the usual amount of star birth activity and astronomers want to know why. There were so many stars being born in some galaxies in earlier times that they probably looked like cosmic fireworks bursts. Astronomers refer to these hotbeds of star birth as starburst galaxies. Key Takeaways: Starburst Galaxies Starburst galaxies are galaxies where high rates of star formation has occurred very quickly.Nearly all types of galaxies can undergo starburst events if conditions are right.Astronomers know that starburst galaxies are often involved in mergers that mingle stars and gas. Shock waves push the gas, which sets off the starburst activity. Starburst galaxies have unusually high  rates of star formation, and those bursts last for a short time during the galaxys long life. Thats because star formation burns through the gas reserves of the galaxy very quickly. It is likely that the sudden burst of star birth is triggered by a specific event. In most cases, a galaxy merger does the trick. Thats when two or more galaxies mesh together in a long gravitational dance and eventually meld together. During the merger, the gases of all the galaxies involved are mixed together. The collision sends shock waves through those gas clouds, which compress the gases and set off bursts of star formation.   Properties of Starburst Galaxies Starburst galaxies are not a  new type of galaxy, but rather simply a galaxy (or mingled galaxies) in a particular phase of their evolution. Even so, there are some properties that show up in most starburst galaxies: a very rapid star formation rate. These galaxies will produce stars at rates well above the average rate of most regular galaxies; availability of gas and dust. Some galaxies may have higher than normal star-formation rates simply due to their high volumes of gas and dust. However, some starburst galaxies do not a have the reserves to justify why they would have such high rates of star formation, so mergers may not be the only explanation;star formation rate is inconsistent with the age of the galaxy. The main point is that the current rate of star formation could not have been constant since the formation of the galaxy given its age. An older galaxy simply wouldnt have enough gas left over to keep up starbirth action for billions of years. In some starburst galaxies astronomers see a sudden burst of star birth, and often the explanation is a merger or chance encounter with another galaxy. Astronomers sometimes also compare the rate of star formation in a galaxy relative to its rotational period. If, for example, the galaxy exhausts all of its available gas during one rotation of the galaxy (given the high star formation rate), then it can be considered a starburst galaxy. The Milky Way rotates once every 220 million years; some galaxies go much slower, others faster. Another widely accepted method to see if a galaxy is a starburst is to compare the star formation rate against the age of the universe. If the current rate would exhaust all of the available gas in less time than 13.7 billion years, then its possible that a given galaxy may be in a starburst state.   Annotated image showing dazzling eyelid-like features bursting with stars in galaxy IC 2163. A tsunami of stars and gas triggered by a glancing collision with galaxy NGC 2207 (a portion of its spiral arm is shown on right side of image). ALMA image of carbon monoxide (orange), which revealed motion of the gas in these features, is shown on top of Hubble image (blue) of the galaxy. M. Kaufman; B. Saxton (NRAO/AUI/NSF); ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO); NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope Types of Starburst Galaxies Starburst activity can occur in galaxies ranging from spirals to irregulars. Astronomers who study these objects classify them into sub-types that help describe their ages and other characteristics. Starburst galaxy types include: Wolf-Rayet galaxies:  defined by their ratio of bright stars that fall into the Wolf-Rayet classification. Galaxies of this type have regions of high stellar wind, driven by the Wolf-Rayet stars. Those stellar monsters are incredibly massive and luminous and have very high rates of mass loss. The winds that they produce can collide with regions of gas and drive rapid star formation.Blue compact galaxies:  low mass galaxies that were once thought to be young galaxies, just beginning to form stars. However, they usually contain populations of very old stars. That usually is a good clue that the galaxy is quite old. Astronomers now suspect that blue compact galaxies are actually the result of mergers between galaxies of varying ages. Once they collide, starburst activity ramps up and lights up the galaxies.Luminous infrared galaxies:  dim, hidden galaxies that are difficult to study because they contain high levels of dust that can obscure observation. Typically infrared radiation   detected by telescopes is used to penetrate the dust. That provides clues to increased star formation. Some of these objects have been found to contain multiple supermassive black holes, which can shut down star formation. The increase in star birth in such galaxies has to be the result of a recent galaxy merger. Cause of Increased Star Formation Although the merger of galaxies is pinpointed as the main cause of star birth in these galaxies, the exact processes are not well understood. Partially, this is due to the fact that starburst galaxies come in many shapes and sizes, so there may be more than one condition that leads to increased star formation. However, for a starburst galaxy to even form, there must be lots of gas available to generate the new stars. Also, something must disturb the gas, to begin the gravitational collapse process that leads to the creation of new objects. Those two requirements led astronomers to suspect galaxy mergers and shock waves as two processes that can lead to starburst galaxies.   Centaurus A galaxy has a massive black hole at its heart that is actively gobbling up material. The actions of such active galactic nuclei may play a role in starbursts in galaxies.   ESO/WFI (Optical); MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A.Weiss et al. (Submillimetre); NASA/CXC/CfA/R.Kraft et al. (X-ray) Two other possibilities for the cause of starburst galaxies include: Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN): Virtually all galaxies contain a supermassive black hole in their core. Some galaxies appear to be in a state of high activity, where the central black hole is ejecting massive amounts of energy.  There is a great deal of evidence to show that the presence of such a black hole can dampen star formation activity. However, in the case of these so-called active  galactic nuclei, they can also, under the right conditions, trigger rapid star formation as the accretion of matter in a disk and its eventual ejection away from the black hole can create shockwaves that could trigger star formation.High supernova rates: Supernovae are violent events. If the rate of explosions increases due to the presence of a very high number of aging stars in a compact area, the resulting shockwaves can begin a rapid increase in star formation. However, this such an event to occur the conditions would have to be ideal; more so than in the other possibilities listed here. A supernova can push clouds of nearby gas around spur limited amounts of starbirth. This supernova is shown in a Hubble Space Telescope view of the Crab Nebula supernova remnant. NASA/ESA/STScI Starburst galaxies remain an active area of investigation by astronomers. The more they find, the better scientists can describe the actual conditions that lead up to the bright bursts of star formation that populate these galaxies.   Edited and updated by Carolyn Collins Petersen.

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Important Cover Letter Trends in 2017 That Will Help Your Job Search

Important Cover Letter Trends in 2017 That Will Help Your Job Search One must never underestimate the importance of a good cover letter. Once you’ve got your resume in shape, this should be your main focus in job searching. A good cover letter can get you through a door that your resume couldn’t. So sit down, and start writing to impress. You probably already know the basics:Keep your letter to one page. Remember, you only have about 10 seconds to get HR’s attention.Give them a sense of who you are, first and foremost, both as a person and a candidate.Encourage readers to consult your resume- so they’ll see that the skills listed in the job post match yours. And remember not to focus too much on your duties, but on selling yourself as a candidate.Write a brand new letter for every single application.Get your reader’s attention in the first two sentences. Include as many keywords as you can cram in reasonably and convincingly; this lets them know that you are hip to the lingo of the job and of the industry.Use the ter minology when you can. Repeat the exact job description language wherever possible.In addition to the usual tricks, there are several trends every year in what’s in or out in the world of cover letters. Here are some things to keep in mind for 2017:1. Body copy is the new cover letter.If you’re submitting through an online site, remember that if your resume gets auto-screened and dumped, your cover letter will get dumped right along with it. Do everything you can to send your job materials to a hiring manager directly via email. That way you can use your cover letter as the body text of your email, and ensure it will be read.2. Include contact info.Sometimes it is possible to get hired without a resume. If this is the case, remember to always include your contact information in a footer- in your email or your cover letter itself. That way a hiring manager can always get in touch with you.3. Be specific.Keep in mind exactly who you are addressing your letter to and addr ess it to them by name. Also be very clear on the position you are applying for, and make sure your letter reflects this specificity. One candidate. One letter. One job.4. Check it twice.Tolerance for spelling and grammar mistakes is on the wane. Make spell check and a good grammarian friend your ally. If you want your letter read, write it well. And keep it clean and mistake free.5. Don’t just regurgitate your resume.Make it new and fresh and really sell your candidacy to this particular decision-maker for this particular job.6. Focus outward.Too much personalization can be a bad thing. Remember to go through and edit for too many â€Å"I† statements. Put the focus a little bit more on them, not on you. It’ll be obvious who is writing the letter; you don’t need to hammer that one home. They know who you are and that you want them to hire you. Concentrate instead on how you are ideally suited to helping the company meet their needs and goals. Show how you r skills and experience are valuable to them. Put their needs first.7. Be clear.Err on the side of clarity. Don’t try to get too cute or fancy. Follow all the rules above and make sure you’re still clearly and effectively communicating the requisite information, and you should be in good shape for a successful job search in the new year.

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Performance Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Performance Management - Essay Example Firstly I will be basing my argument on the fact that apart from financial measures ‘Non-financial indicators is likely to be used for identifying best practices within cooperative relationships’ (Patelli and Dossi, 2012). Next the team’s activities will be further related with job satisfaction and motivation as a consequence of 360 degree feedback, supervisor skills and work itself. (Shah et al, 2012) A positive relationship can be found between Job Satisfaction and motivation and Reward and Recognition, Supervision and Work itself. The fact that a healthy supervision was maintained through relative feedback and unbiased opinion through rotation of team leaders will be discussed later in the subsequent paragraphs.(Shah et al, 2012). In our 6 weeks of reading and team activities we have been taken through various stages. Every week was characterised by a unique and essential quality of team work, individual performance, relative moderation all of which sum up to g ive a first-hand experience of the following experiences: relationship between professional work and supervision( through weekly activities), supervisory skills (Through weekly rotation of the role of a leader) and balance between nature of work, reward and recognition and intrinsic motivation towards one’s job ... Performance Management in context of group activities Performance Management is not a one-dimensional activity as seen from the weekly group activities, involving not only supervision, but also assessment, emotional understanding, intellectual brainstorming seen in week 2 and 3 activities of questionnaire on a summary and the debate. In the same way Performance Management relies not just on absolute parameters and outcomes but relative analysis. As shared by one of the subsidiaries, ‘In our company, we pay much attention to information-sharing, and relative performance evaluation is one way to learn from each other’ ( Dossi and Patelli, 2012). Reflective analysis of weekly activities The diverse tasks in the first activity like: reading out a summary, comprehending the same and testing the assimilation and understanding through a rapid fire round of question, followed by subsequent critique by the leader and an open discussion gives an all-round practical exposure to Per formance and Talent Management. My group is composed of 6 participants, all of them being female. Participant A is an Australian local, participant B is another Australian local who already has a job and some work experience. Participant C is an international citizen thirty five year of age and having two children. Participants C, D and E are Chinese full time student. I am participant E. As can be observed form the above assimilation of participants. They have a balanced mix of students and professionals, young and middle aged participants, locals and foreign nationals, college graduates, undergraduates and working professionals. Various stages of Forming Storming, Norming, Confirming and

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Online Higher Education In UAE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Online Higher Education In UAE - Essay Example The study aimed to evaluate on general overview of E learning in UAE learning institutions.Based on the collected data from the UAE students and staffs, the information will assist the institutions to understand on the barriers affecting adaptation of the E learning system. The higher learning institutions can then begin to analyze on how to combat the challenges at their disposal. The institutions can assess the source of the faculty and students’ negative attitudes in order formulate effective measures like online games or training to alleviate the issue. The institutions can also evaluate which course programs or courses have high E learning registrations to expand their acceptability. The UAE government can also utilize the information to assess the challenges students and higher learning institutions face while using the E learning system to formulate ways of promoting its user-ability and popularity within its borders. The system being expensive to implement, the UAE gov ernment can chip in through offering free technical training or subsidies to spearhead its adaptation among higher learning institutions. This paper makes a conclusion that one of the limitations that the study is likely to face is completion irregularities of the online questionnaire. Most of the students and staffs are normally occupied or busy where they may ignore the questionnaires. Some of the questionnaires can also be returned late, hence hindering the research.

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Spanish & English Superpowers of America :: essays research papers fc

Spanish & English Super Power's in America Ultimately, their stronger unified cultural need to establish their dominance in another land is the most important reasons for the foothold established by the English and the Spanish in the New World. It is true that a plethora of different races, ethnic groups, nationalities, and cultures arrived on the North American soil prior to 1776, the year that America began its process of embarking upon its independence, of officially becoming the independent country of United States of America. This begs the question of why did the Spanish (and Spanish Americans) and later primarily the English (and English Americans) become the dominant ethnic groups in the New World, and not the other nations that established settlements, for instance, perchance, the Dutch? This paper will argue that the predominant historical evidence, as discussed in The Ethnic Dimension in American History and Major Problems in American Immigration and Ethnic History as well as American Mosaic and the text Out of Many suggests that the reason for this dominance was twofold. First of all, Spanish and the English dominated the seas and the land, militarily, in the way that other European nations such as the French did not. English settlers in particular had religious as well as economic reasons for developing a cultural and sociological grip as well as an economic support in the new nation. The fact that the British and Spanish nations were both more unified, had more mercantile capitol support, and were technically more advanced than their rivals, particularly on the seas, coupled with their greater need to establish settlements in the new land to ensure their dominance. It is tempting to view the English dominance purely as a product of military might, of course. But while this undoubtedly played a factor in the domination of the English and the Spanish, ultimately the reasons for British and Spanish were more cultural than purely military or technological, this essay will argue. On a level of military technology the English in particular exercised military dominion, winning what came to be known as ‘Prince Phillips War,’ defeating Native American alliance against the New England colonists. The British also later dominated France and the still existing strong Native American tribes in what came to be known as ‘King William’s War’ in 1689. In May of 1702, England declared war on France after the death of the King of Spain, Charles II, to stop the union of France and Spain.

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Introduction to the Economic and Management Environment

INMALL-N/301/3/2004 FACULTY OF ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Introduction to the Economic and Management environment Module 1 (INM101-3) and Module 2 (INM102-4) ? ? ? ? ( INMALL-N: TUTORIAL LETTER 301/2004 GENERAL INFORMATION 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS INMALL-N/301 PAGE 1. Student number 3 2. Tutorial material 3 3. Inventory letter 4 4. Tutorial letters 4 5. Queries and problems – what do I do? 4 6. Examination: 5 6. 1 Examination admission 5 6. 2 Examination date and centre 5 6. 3 Examination paper 5 7. Why assignments? 8. Assignment system 6 8. 1 The support/enrichment stream 6 8. 1. 1 Information: Self evaluation assignments 7 8. 2 The ordinary stream 7 8. 2. 1 Information: Multiple choice assignments 8 3 INMALL-N/301 Dear Student A big welcome to the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences! You have registered for a unique course which gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with all the disciplines offered by the Faculty and combinations of them before deciding wha t direction you wish to follow in your studies.Five departments in the Faculty, namely Business Management, Industrial Psychology, Economics, Quantitative Management and Accounting, have joined forces to give you an idea of each one's field of study and to show you how the disciplines can complement one another in a management setup. So in one course you are exposed to various management aids which are used by the professions (eg accountants) as well as business enterprises. Most Unisa students start their university studies a relatively long time after leaving school. Along the way they often forget how to study.Studying in the right way is not something we do automatically – and so we considered it very important to include a section on study management (see Topic 1, in the study guide of INM101-3). This topic is presented by the Student Services Bureau. Besides an academic introduction to the core courses, we also concentrate on career management since you are embarking on the present study with a view to your future career. Topic 2 in the study guide of INM101-3 (Career Management) gives you an overview of the various phases in the process which culminates in making sensible career, course and subject choices.Career Management is therefore relevant for anyone beginning their studies in the Faculty, whether or not you have decided on a career. It is, however, more useful for those of you who are uncertain about your choice of career and we strongly recommend that you work through the study guide of INM101-3 very carefully. This tutorial letter is very important because it contains important general information. Please keep it in a safe place. We hope that you will find this course most useful! 1. Student number Every Unisa student receives a unique student number the first time he or she registers.You should have this student number with you AT ALL TIMES and should always mention it in any communication with the University. 2. Tutorial material The t utorial material for this course consists of: † The study guides Module 1(INM101-3): One Study Guide Module 2(INM102-4): One Study Guide † Tutorial Letter 301 – General information † Tutorial Letter 101 for INM101-3 – Assignment questions Tutorial Letter 101 for INM102-4 – Assignment questions † Tutorial letters which will be sent to you during the course of your studies with feedback on the assignments and other important information. INMALL-N/301 3. Inventory letter On registration you will have received, together with the available tutorial material, an inventory letter for the current academic year. This inventory letter lists only those items that are available on the day you register from the Despatch Department in Pretoria or the University's regional offices. Those of you who registered at a regional office will receive the rest of your tutorial material by registered post from Pretoria as it becomes available. Please check the tu torial material that you have received against the inventory letter.Unless the letter indicates otherwise (eg â€Å"out of stock†), you should have received all the items listed. If some of the items are missing, please immediately follow the instructions on the reverse side of the inventory letter. Please note! Use only the telephone number that appears on the inventory letter when you phone the Despatch Department to inquire about tutorial matter that you do not have. 4. Tutorial letters Tutorial letters are Unisa's principal means of communication and teaching. Please read ALL tutorial letters.The brochure Unisa: services and procedures explains the numbering of the different types of tutorial letters. 5. Queries and problems – what do I do? ; – Problem ( – Solution a. Course related queries about the contents of the study material / assignments Lecturers: Mrs Ria van Helden F(012) 429-8643 Mrs Jacoleen Vogel F(012) 429-8513 Mrs Suzette Ragadu F(012) 4 29-8609 Mr Adolph Rasengane F(012) 429-8650 b. Any other queries about the assignments Secretaries: Mrs Tersea Dalporto Mrs Helene Louw All other administrative queries e. g: Change of address nd/or exam centre Marks and credits for assignments etc. Write to: The Registrar (Academic) UNISA P O Box 392 Pretoria 0003 c. F (012) 429-4114 F(012) 429-8635 F(012) 429-8750 5 INMALL-N/301 Please remember! You may include more than one letter in an envelope, but please do not address the lecturers responsible for the course, another department, the Library and/or an administrative department all in the same letter! This will only cause delays. Write a separate letter to each and mark each clearly for the attention of the department in question.Do not include correspondence in an assignment envelope, and please never write to Unisa without clearly indicating your student number, subject and paper code at the top of your letter. WE ASSUME THAT YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE FOLLOWING BROCHURES: (1) CALENDAR PART 2 and 3, 2004: GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL REGULATIONS (2) UNISA: SERVICE AND PROCEDURES 2004 6. Examination 6. 1 † 6. 2 † 6. 3 Examination admission Due to the implementation of the new modular system, all students registered for modular courses will be granted automatic admission to the examinations in 2004.Examination date and examination centre Please see the Undergraduate Information Brochure of 2004 Examination paper In the examination you can expect questions similar to those set in the multiple choice assignments. The examination paper will consist ONLY of multiple choice questions. 7. Why assignments? ; We realise that it is difficult to have to rely entirely on distance education. You do not always have a lecturer right there to explain the learning material to you. You have to depend on yourself and need considerable self discipline.The way to an academic qualification is narrow and steep – Unisa's motto is not â€Å"Hope through hard wo rk† for nothing. There are, however, also advantages to studying in this way. You can earn while you study, and you can study at your own pace. And although we might be far from you, we are always available to give you guidance and support. Always bear this in mind. We know from experience and research that assignments are one of the most effective ways in which we can offer guidance and support to make you part of a meaningful learning experience.Although you do not have to submit assignments in order to earn credits for examination entry, we recommend that you do all the assignments. It will help you to work in a structured way throughout the academic semester and to achieve success. We should like to explain why assignments are so useful in the hope that it will inspire you to approach yours with enthusiasm. 6 INMALL-N/301 † They provide a study programme which, if you follow it carefully, will help you to work through all the tutorial material and still have enough t ime to revise for the examination. They are a reasonable periodic check of your knowledge. † Assignments help you to prepare for the examination. The examination paper will consist of similar questions to those in the multiple choice assignments. For this reason it is also a good idea for you to practice answering multiple choice questions on a mark reading sheet. † You have to obtain 50% in the examination to pass regardless of the marks you earned for your assignments. † Assignments are a good means of teaching. It is therefore to your advantage to do assignments.You not only acquire knowledge in the process but also learn from the feedback we give you on your assignments. ( Try to keep to your study programme – it will definitely be to your advantage! Academic ethics require that students submit their own original work. You are only cheating yourself if you copy other students' work or do an assignment haphazardly. 8. Assignment system In order to help yo u with the submission of assignments, we have designed a system that makes provision for two assignments in each module. One assignment is in the ordinary stream and the other one is in the support/enrichment stream.Each assignment has a due date. The due date is the date on which the assignment must be at Unisa and not the date on which you post it. Be sure to plan for possible delays in the post! 8. 1 The support/enrichment stream – Assignment 1 of INM101-3 and INM102-4 The assignment in this stream is made up of paragraph and essay type of questions and must be answered on the assignment writing pad. This stream has a double purpose. † Firstly it is exactly what the name indicates – an opportunity for enrichment. Here you have a chance to improve your reading and writing skills.As you will see in Topic 3 (Communication) in the only study guide for INM102-4, reading and writing skills are very important tools for anyone and not something one learns automaticall y – you have to acquire them. This enrichment stream serves to prepare you for the essay type assignments you can expect in later years of study. The assignment in this stream is an opportunity for enrichment. † Secondly, this assignment has been designed to develop your ability to evaluate your own work. This ability is a very important component of independent study. Although we shall not be marking this assignment, we shall read it.You should therefore make a copy of your assignment before posting it to Unisa. You will receive guidelines for this assignment (after the due date) to help you evaluate it yourself. 7 8. 1. 1 INMALL-N/301 Information: Self evaluation assignment This is assignment 1 of INM101-3 and INM102-4 in the support/enrichment stream. This assignment does not have an unique number for the computer. Very important! We shall not return the self evaluation assignment to you. Please make a copy of your assignment before posting it so that you can evaluat e it yourself using the guidelines for the solutions.Remember! † † † † † † † † † † † † Work carefully through the relevant tutorial material before tackling an assignment. Read the question carefully and underline the key words – this will help you with the interpretation. Think about the question! Plan your answer before beginning to write. To sketch a framework for your answer, you need to use headings and subheadings. Set out your opinions clearly. Write legibly and use full sentences. There is no excuse for an untidy and illegible assignment. Fill in your student number correctly on the assignment cover.Fill in the assignment number correctly on the assignment cover. You will receive a set of guidelines and solutions for all the assignments. You get no marks for assignments which you submit. Because the support stream option is so lenient, we will not grant extensions for assignments. 8. 2 The ordinar y stream – Assignment 2 of INM101-3 & INM102-4 The assignment in this stream is made up solely of multiple choice questions and must be answered on a mark reading sheet. Mark reading sheets are read into the computer immediately when they are received at Unisa and are marked by the computer on the due date.Unisa does not work according to a system of semester marks, and marks for assignments are not taken into account when the final examination marks are calculated. The percentages obtained for assignments indicate to you how well you have mastered the work. After the due date for each assignment all registered students will receive the solutions, or guidelines for solutions to, or a discussion of the assignment received. 8. 2. 1 Information: Multiple choice assignment This is assignment 2 of INM101-3 and INM102-4 in the ordinary stream. This assignment has an unique number for the computer.Very important! † † Work carefully through the relevant tutorial material before you tackle the assignment. Work out your answers on a separate piece of paper before you complete the mark reading sheet. 8 INMALL-N/301 Instructions on how to use mark reading sheets to answer multiple choice questions are contained in the 2004 â€Å"Unisa: Services and procedures†. Read these instructions CAREFULLY and follow them EXACTLY to avoid making mistakes. Remember! † † † † † † † † There is only one correct answer to each question. Only mark reading sheets may be used. Colour in the correct block with an HB pencil.Fill in your student number correctly. Fill in the assignment number correctly. Fill in the unique assignment number correctly. Every assignment which is marked by the computer is given a unique number. The number contains information on the course code and assignment number. When the computer reads the mark reading sheet with, say, the unique number 198415, it â€Å"knows† that it is Assignment 02 for INM101-3 in the first semester. Send only your mark reading sheet to the Assignment Division in the appropriate envelope. You do not have to complete an assignment cover.Make sure that you have enough mark reading sheets. Do not: † † † † † † † † Do not Do not Do not Do not Do not Do not Do not Do not make more than one mark per question tear or fold the mark reading sheet staple the mark reading sheet to another piece of paper colour outside the block colour in the blocks with a pen make corrections with Tipp-Ex submit answers on a written sheet of paper try to repair a torn mark reading sheet with sticky tape – use another one The assignment questions and due dates will be included in Tutorial letter 101 Good luck with your studies! Your INM101-3 / INM102-4 lecturers

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Gender As A Socio Cultural Construct Of Female And Male...

â€Å"Gender is a socio-cultural construct of female and male identity that shapes how individuals live and interpret the world around them. Gender is not natural: it is learned in society through direct and indirect means† (Knapp, 1). The purpose of this paper is to provide an examination and a comparison of the gender roles and cultural differences among men and women in Mexico and China particularly in the areas of traditional customs, education, family structure/marriage and labor markets. Since societies have evolved in both countries, radical changes have been observed in gender roles from traditional practices. Although laws have been passed to create equality between women and men, there are clear differences in both cultures in terms of authority and rights - women still play a dominant role and caretakers in the family, while men symbolize the head of the family. While in both cultures, gender roles have changed dramatically, in order to get a good understanding be tween these two societies, it is essential that we examine the traditions and costumes of each country. Though in both China and Mexico, men have been considered the core of the family, there are major cultural differences that influence how men and women are perceived in society. Although women in China had been suppressed by the immobilizing foot-binding tradition for generations, the significance of family lineage remains a distinct feature in many families. â€Å"Individuals are more than temporary carriesShow MoreRelatedCultural Gender And Gender Roles1904 Words   |  8 Pages Gender is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the state of being male or female. However after taking Psychology of Gender I would have to say I strongly disagree with this. I believe gender is a socio-cultural construct of female and male identity that shapes how individuals live and interpret the world around them. The older I get the more faults I find in my culture and the gender ideology behind it. Growing up Hispanic in the United States has made a huge impact in my life today, and whileRead MoreAustralian Films - Screening Responces3687 Words   |  15 Pageschanging times; the context before the television was a household object. The movie marks the beginning of mass social and political change that was intensified by World War II. With countless men at war, Australian women were able to enter and overtake male roles in the workforce. As a result, Feminism was strengthening. Along with the Women’s movement into the workforce, Robert Menzie’s 16-year service as the Prime Minister created the ‘Menzies Era’, where great Australian change has said to be recordedRead MoreOffensive Advertising : Advertising, Muslims, And Consumer Behaviour9514 Words   |  39 PagesChapter 2: Literature Review In this chapter we will try to deepen our understanding of the research problem at hand. Hence we will review the following constructs: offensive advertising, advertising in Egypt, consumers of an Arab world Muslim majority country such as Egypt, religiosity for Muslims and purchase intentions in order to further our understanding of the connection between advertising as a marketing tools, Muslims and consumer behaviour. 2.1 The nature of offensive advertising In anRead MoreThree Waves of Variation Study14802 Words   |  60 PagesThis paper sets out a theoretical foundation for the third wave, arguing that (1) variation constitutes a robust social semiotic system, expressing the full range of social concerns in a given community; (2) variation does not simply reflect, but constructs, social meaning, hence is a force in social change and (3) the meanings of variables are basic and underspecified, gaining more specific meanings in the context of styles (personae). 1. The fate of social meaning in the study of variation TheRead Morebullet theory7360 Words   |  30 Pagesï » ¿Bullet Theory The magic bullet perspective, also called the hypodermic needle model, is a model for communications. Magic bullet theory has been around since the 1920s to explain amp;ldquo;how mass audiences might react to mass media,amp;rdquo; reports Media Know All. According to University of Twent in the Netherlands, the theory states that mass media has a amp;ldquo;direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences. History Several factors, including widespread popularity of radioRead MoreCompare and Contrast Functionalism and Structuralism14315 Words   |  58 Pagesperson’ in social psychology. 5 Identify the roots of and describe the historical development of both experimental and critical social psychology. 6 Describe the main elements of Modernism and Postmodernism, and how these relate to contemporary social psychology. 7 Explain how these two approaches are different, and why they cannot be integrated. Introduction On a March night in 1964, Kitty Genovese was attacked by a maniac as she came home from work at 3 A.M. Thirty-eight of her Kew GardensRead MoreFactors That Affect the Communication Skills of Criminology Students9253 Words   |  38 Pagesin position. According to Michael Lee, there are factors that help to develop good communicative skills in English and these include the love of reading books. This if developed helps a person to learn the English language better and helps him construct better sentences and paragraphs essential in future career. Another is the initiative to start writing articles, journals, essays, poems and diary. This helps develop and practice more the writing or communicative skills of a person. The lastRead MoreSo, How Do People Really Use Their Handheld Devices? an Interactive Study of Wireless Technology Use13130 Words   |  53 PagesWiley InterScience ( DOI: 10.1002/job.146 So, how do people really use their handheld devices? An interactive study of wireless technology usey FRANCINE K. SCHLOSSER* University of Waterloo, Canada Summary Using a symbolic interactionist methodology, the diverse meanings assigned by employees to wireless handheld technology are investigated. Interviews were conducted with 11 individuals representing three organizations in the public and private sector enhancingRead MoreCause Related Marketing21372 Words   |  86 Pagesinterest in this marketing communication strategy. However, there is still lack in the field of cause-related marketing and especially in the consumer part. This is also the field of interest for this dissertation and in particular how does cause-relates marketing strategy shape consumer attitude, perception and buying behaviour? In order to find out the answer of this question we relied on different theories and in addition we conducted a questionnaire among international students. The results, even thoughRead MoreRacism and Ethnic Discrimination44667 Words   |  179 PagesAutonomy and Development Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in Nicaragua November 2006 Contents 1. 2. Introduction Structure of the study 2.1 Scope and methodology 4 7 7 3. Racism and individual and collective human rights 3.1 A note on cultural and ethnic identity 9 11 4. Racism: colonial inheritance 4.1 Nicaragua: multiethnic and pluricultural state 4.2 The historic roots of differences, discrimination, and racism 4.2.1 Spanish Conquest and its repercussions